The Best Employee Recognition Gift- A Lambskin Jacket

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You've worked hard to build your company, and your employees have contributed to that success over the years. It is customary for companies to recognize a valued employee for their years of work with a Years of Service gift. Your available budget will determine what type of recognition gift you can afford. Every so often we hear of companies giving a Visa or Mastercard gift card to their existing employees, but how does that really work for your company in the end? That gift card does not represent the purpose of the gift, which is the employee's relationship with the company.  Among the many successful gifts, we have found that the gift that has made one of the biggest impressions is a customized lambskin jacket (see some samples below). This gift will make your employee happy (and warm!), and market your brand. Your employee will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, like wearing a badge of honor, and other …

New Hire Employee Package

Everyone knows that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of you. So, your first impression matters. The crew at Winston Promotions has put together a list of some items that you may want to consider including in your New Hire Package for your company. Since job positions and entry levels determine what each employee will require to succeed as a new employee at your company, we included visuals for many types of items and merchandise for you. We are certain your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration when providing these to them on their first day or on their date of hire. 

Contact Winston Promotions to customize your new hire package today!

Water Bottle

Coffee Mug

Laptop and Backpack


Bluetooth Headphone

Tech Organizers

Portable Charger and USB Drives


Wine Accessories and Essentials

Wine Drinkers LOVE THESE Wine Accessories & Essentials!
Promote your business by customizing any of these desirable wine accessories with your logo and/or business name. Its easy to get in touch

Reusable Straws

Promote your business or organization & preserve the environment with reusable straws. Many dining establishments across the country support the straw ban and are no longer providing straws for their beverages. While this helps the environment, the public still needs and wants to use straws. Your promotional eco-friendly straws will be well-received and your brand will be widespread. 

Reusable straws are available in a variety of materials and sizes, but the most popular seem to be the stainless steel and glass. The paper ones seem to become unusable before a person is finished with his or her beverage, so we find the the glass straws and stainless straws are more user friendly. These are very portable, washable, and reusable. They are a great investment. Your logo and business name will be seen all over. 

Contact Cary at Winston Promotions to get your logo on these straws and discuss any other promotional items you may need or desire for your business.

Pop Sockets

Pop sockets are all the rage these days! They are the perfect cell phone accessory. Pop sockets can be a gift or a tradeshow giveaway. These can be a gift with purchase. There are so many uses for this customized promotional item. Cary at Winston Promotions will gladly help you select the best design for you. AND.....we are currently offering FREE SET UP for minimum orders of 150 (expires December 30, 2018). Please go to for additional information. Or email

Deluxe Sun Care Kit

Deluxe Sun Care Kit...The perfect hospitality gift, destination meeting gift, or retail boutique item.  Picture your incentive group trip in a tropical destination, guests checking in after a long plane trip, and entering their hotel room only to find a lovely and thoughtful gift from your business that they can actually use during their stay? That will put an instant smile on anyone's face. Not only are you considerate enough to provide this hospitality gift, but you are also thoughtful enough to provide a product that is chemical free and dye free. 
Now, imagine them taking these items with them to the pool, beach and day trips all around their destination. Your logo is on each product taken out of their beach bag (hmm....did you provide a logo beach bag, too? Not a bad idea!) and applied all day long. People all around them SEE your logo and business name. THAT is exposure. THAT is advertising. 
How can you get this clean contemporary sun care kit with YOUR logo and business name…